Interpreting “Defining music therapy (3rd edition)” #1「音楽療法を定義する(第三版)」を解説する〜その1

This book “Defining music therapy” by Dr. Kenneth Bruscia has been quite influential in my professional development.


Because this book was not used in my undergraduate music therapy course, I was first exposed to the Japanese translation of this book.


The second edition of this book seemed to me like a map to navigate around the “vast ocean” of the music therapy world.


It especially helped me to conceptualize what it means “to promote client’s health”, with the discussion of pathogenic and salutegenic orientation.


I don’t think I would have been able to be in the teaching position of music therapy without this book. This book is that influential to me.

この本がなければ、 今の様に音楽療法を教えるという立場にはつけなかったと思います。この本はそれ程自分には影響のあるものでした。

Now the third edition of “Defining Music Therapy” is out. This is going to be Dr. Bruscia’s final work for this book, according to him.


Because this book is built around the proposed working definition of music therapy, it may be difficult for someone who doesn’t have the previous knowledge in music therapy. It is because this book does not provide specific clinical examples to illustrate his points. Dr. Bruscia also acknowledges the nature of the book.


So I would like to provide interpretations on this book, little by little, in this blog.


I hope it would help those who are studying music therapy, especially in Japan, to comprehend the vast ocean of music therapy.


Yuji Igari

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